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About Aruka

 My name is Jodi and I am the Executive Director and Lead Counselor for Aruka Community Counseling Center.  

What does our name mean? 

Aruka is a Hebrew word which means restoration or healing. 

As a 501(c)(3) public charity community counseling center, we desire to partner with, churches, local government, and businesses to be a resource addressing the mental health needs of the community in Dawson, Lumpkin, West Hall, and North Forsyth counties.


Unfortunately, the truth is that quality and consistent therapy is often out of reach for many individuals and families.  Aruka desires to provide a level of care consistent with private therapy, regardless of an individuals ability to pay the costs associated with quality mental healthcare. We believe everyone should have access to restorative care!

With the help of community partners and individuals Aruka Community Counseling hopes to make services available at a cost that makes it impossible for individuals and families not to get the assistance they need to live healthy and full lives.


Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illness in the US and despite being highly treatable, only 36.9% of those suffering receive treatment (


Anxiety can feel paralyzing and isolating.  I work with my clients to examine root causes and develop practical skills for managing anxiety.  


It is estimated that 17.3 million adults struggle with major depressive disorder in the United States (  Someone dies from suicide every 12 minutes in the United States (  

Living with depression can be exhausting, but Aruka is here to help with therapeutic interventions designed to reduce depression's impact on life and relationships.


Substance use disorders are often present in individuals or families struggling with mental health issues or trauma.  According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse somewhere between 50-60% of individuals with a substance abuse issue also have struggled with mental health, and 70% of people with trauma in their backgrounds will struggle with substance abuse.

Couples Therapy

Marriage is a beautiful gift but it is also incredibly hard to do it well.  All too often difficulties creep in that result in significant relationship dysfunction and overall unhappiness for one or both partners.  I use the Gottman approach for marriage therapy to assist couples in developing their relationship to the fullest as well as to assist them in overcoming obstacles.

Trauma & Shame

Dealing with trauma and shame are complex issues that require developing safety, connection, and coping skills.  An individual can need trauma care after an isolated incident or because of episodic trauma.  As a trauma care provider my goal is to help clients process their traumatic experiences and live free from the negative effects trauma can produce.

Adolescent Therapy

It is tough stuff to be an adolescent in today's world!  Doing the work of separating from family-defined identity to a peer-defined identity can be painful and confusing, especially with the bombardment of messages that teens receive today.

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